Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Windows 8 rumored timetable

Word is making its way around the internet regarding the timetable for Windows 8. If rumors are to be believed, Windows 8 will enter beta around mid-September with a release candidate in January and it going to Release to Manufacturing (RTM) in April. The Mid-September beta would be the only beta released.

For all those that don't know what all this means, the beta build will give people a chance to run a test version of Windows 8 on their own PC. Like all OS betas, it's not recommended that you run it on your primary machine. If you've got a Windows tablet you're using for web browsing that you'd like to test it on, that would be fine. If you just have one computer, it's recommended you don't install a beta OS on it.

Release candidate is a near final version. It's pretty much all done with a possibility of a few minor tweaks. Release to Manufacturing pretty much means it's done and is being sent out to be put on devices and put on DVDs for people to install on their own devices.

We'll be keeping tabs on all of this as details make their way out.

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