Friday, June 24, 2011

Update on the HD7 withdrawal

I sent in my HD7 on Monday. Today's Friday, the day that HTC's repair center gets my phone.

So it's day 5 with the Sony Ericsson Equinox and it hasn't been very pleasant. I've made a few key observations about my tech habits.

  • My email goes far too neglected. With Windows Phone, when I look at my phone to find out the date or time, I'm told if I have emails to address. Without that reminder to check my email, I generally don't. I used to be very speedy when it came to responding to emails, now I'm pretty slow.  If that's not enough, I have 4 email accounts. I'm sure that's 3 more than the average person. But it's tough for me to constantly check them all. I've got two GMail accounts (one for my personal use and one for the work I do for my church), a Hotmail account (I use it for my MVP stuff and other stuff), and I have an Outlook account for my day job. I don't bother checking an account if I don't think there's anything in that account for me to worry about.
  • I don't feel as connected as before. Besides email, my phone was a great way to check Facebook and Twitter when I needed to kill a minute or two. I can't do that with the phone I have right now.
  • I don't feel as informed. I can't just look up movie showtimes or find an address when I need one.
I find myself looking at this device and thinking "I hate this phone." I've even been known to mutter it every now and then. I'm trying to figure out if this is a bad sign of the dependence we develop on technology or a testimony to how it can make our lives easier. I'm going with the positive view on this one. After all, I doubt anyone's saying we've become too dependent on washing machines and cars so we need to go back to wash boards and horses.

I'll probably find out on Monday what the story is with getting my device back. So I've still got the whole weekend along with repair time and the time it takes to ship the device back to me until I get my precious device back. Once I get it back, I plan on doing a review of Plants Vs. Zombies so be on the lookout for that once I'm back in action. But by that time, I may also be working on a review for Angry Birds on Windows Phone.

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